Learning shortcuts on the Chromebook.

This morning Mrs Grant came to our class to teach us about shortcuts on our Chromebooks. We learned how to copy and paste – you press control c and control v. We have also learned a lot of short cuts today and my favorite shortcut was taking a screenshot control shift and then you press the square with 2 lines.

It was really hard but then I got what I  had to do.

I really enjoyed this morning.

Kia ora! My name is Zenalia

Kia ora! My name is Zenalia, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in year 5 and my teacher is Mrs. Agnew. My favourite subject is reading and I enjoy learning about adventure.  I am good at taking care of my little brother.  My goal for this year is to solve problems. In my spare time I like to play games.

Preparing for Athletics Day

Earlier today we were preparing for athletics Day. My classmates and I went onto the field to do athletics skills. When we were there we saw Coach Bart who was going to teach us some new skills. At first I thought it was fun when he told us to stand tall, pump our arms and legs and run on our toes. After we did all these warm ups,  he  told us we were going to play sheepdog. Its like tag but those sheepdogs each have a noodle there are two dogs who try to hunt the sheep while they run away from the dogs. I didn’t really wanted to be the dog so I stayed behind my classmates. It was fun and tiring at the same time. There were 2 rounds as well.

The next skill was a running race we had to practice. I was way behind the line so it means that I’m last to race. At first the race was fun but the last one I started getting stomach aches so I went a little slower. when I got back to the line I sat down to get some rest.

Finally the last game was foam pig jumping. It’s about getting a toy animal and laying down on the grass and placing the pig above your head on the ground. I started getting itchy as well. Then we had to get up and go back to the start and then try and jump  to the other side of the animal. We did that two times and then Coach Bart reminded us how to jump far by bending our legs and then swinging our arms when we jump.

When we were done we all said goodbye to Coach Bart.


Our Class Movie

At the start of the term we started to make potato people after reading a book about potato people with the help of our teacher Mrs. Agnew.

I made my potato into a normal girl with a dress, shiny gems, glue, flower stickers, feathers and material and some sticks to make her arms and legs.

The week after my group did stop motion with our ipads and potato people.  We had a director, camera person and scene manager and editor.  I was the director and I think I moved the potatoes as the director.

My group was doing a party scene and I was moving the queen and king. Then the baddies came and kidnapped the Princess., At lunch we did voice acting and I think I did the princess and the queens voices that Mrs. Toland wrote on a peace of paper, and some of the words were funny.

And the people in my group were Kamela, Nichole and Nixcent then me, Thanks for reading this. Now for the movie!



Legit or Fake

Today we were learning about if the email was legit or fake.

When we are online it is important to not trust strangers that easily and to know them a little bit better

In our story, the moral of the story was to not judge people by what they look like. The wolf was good and the rabbit was bad.

Swimming Lessons

Last term we had swimming lessons. We had to bring our goggles, togs, jackets, towels and put them inside a bag. We also brought our masks with us. The boys went swimming first while the girls waited. The teacher would come tell us when the bus was almost here and we usually changed early. Then we still had some time to play. When the bus arrived we had to get into a line and go to the bus but sometimes I stepped into mud on the way!!!!

When we got to the swimming lessons we had to wait and then we brought our stuff and masks and put things down on the bench so they didn’t get wet. I would put my cap on and then we had to get in the pool and the coach would tell us what to do.

I think we had to swim all the way to the other wall. I was really nervous at first because I wasn’t tall enough to reach the bottom but I learned to go tip-toed and then I could just reach the bottom of the pool. I had to get some help floating and trying to swim but I kinda got better and learned how to swim without help. I think I was getting a little better at floating my back.

And when it was Friday it was the end of the swimming lessons. There was a boat there and we had to get into a line and wait and when it was my turn I had to cross my arms on my chest and I had to hold my breath and fall backwards. The next one was we had to go to the wall and we had to put our hands on someone’s shoulders and lie on our back and paddle.  I almost hit my head on the wall. I don’t remember the rest of the activities but I remember there was one where we had to look at the wall and a guy would push us off . He told me and Kamela to move a little back and when we got so close to the edge of the water he pushed us off !! We also had a race and when we were finished we dried ourselves and put our jacket or jumpers on and got back on the bus and went back to school. I loved all our lessons so much.


Animations blog – my family camping

We have been making animations on our chromebooks in google slides. I really enjoyed it because I loved when me and my family camped and got to have roasted marshmallows.

My favourite part was when we roasted marshmallows and it was really tasty.

My story is about my Mom and Dad camping we brought some packs of marshmallows. My mom  and Dad invited some friends but they said they were coming late. One of my mom’s friends had some branches to make the fire and my dad’s friends bring some food,

Ki o rahi

Last Thursday Coach Chelsea came to our class as a visitor to teach us how to play a game called Ki o rahi. And we watched a video called the legend of ki o rahi. Coach Chelsea asked some questions about the video and a lot of students didn’t know the questions about the video except for Ion. Mrs Agnew was really proud of him because he remembered a lot of information and the people’s names.

And when the video ended Coach Chelsea showed us a game but I don’t really remember what it was called but I think it had something to do with two partners trying to tag them each time coach Chelsea says the names of what teams we are in. When Coach Chelsea says the name of us then we turn and try catching are partners. My partner was Olivia and she was a Taniwha. We also played a game named octopus. It was really fun but we got kinda mixed up in the first round but we got used to it and I didn’t get caught the whole time. It was really fun playing the games but when Coach was finished with the game we all said goodbye to Coach Chelsea.