My swimming experiences

For the last 2 weeks my school got to take swimming lessons. Our first swimming lesson was on Tuesday, the first of August and they ended on Monday 14 of August. At first I was nervous to try swimming again because I didn’t know how to swim that well and I had forgotten from last year.

I tried doing it still and I became much better at swimming, the new strokes I learnt for swimming were freestyle, back strokes, frog kick and floating. I don’t remember all the tricks though. My instructors were Parys and Christine. I was really sad when it was the last day of swimming lessons yesterday and I couldn’t go swimming that day because I forgot got bring my stuff for swimming. I was able to go to all the other lessons and on Friday my lesson was when we had to go on a boat and try to survive learning some tricks to stay afloat.

The other part when we had to go underneath the boat, we were allowed to scream and it was my favourite one.The next lesson was when you get picked on what team you were in and you try to save them when they are drowning  (not real drowning though). We each got to take turns and each person you save got to help you and save more of your teammates

My favorite stroke was backstroke because it was the only one I worked well on.





Last week we made Matariki stars out of wool and cardboard. It was hard making it on the first try for me so I had to try again. The hardest part was when we made the lines around the circle like on a clock because they had to be even. It was good to see the star come after we had gone around the clock a few times weaving with the wool.

We also learned the game of Knuckle bones which children used to play a long time ago in New Zealand and we found out in other places around the world too.

\fun fact: Matariki is one of the closest star clusters to earth and this year is the first time we have had a public holiday to celebrate Matariki in New Zealand.



Characterisation of Storm Boy

I am young, carefree and cheerful but never lonely. I like to collect shells and go and watch the sun set. I am not afraid of storms. I like to play near the beach and wander alone. I wish all birds and other animals could live as free and safely as we do in the Coorong. I have one friend and his name is Fingerbone Bill. My dad is called Hideaway Tom. We are all happy to be together in nature.

 I am…………………. Storm boy


Our Ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday Mr.Bell had an excellent idea for us to play in a Ki o Rahi tournament and it was the very first tournament at St Patrick’s School. Rooms 6, 7 and 8 were taking part. The tournament was going to happen after morning tea. When morning tea ended we had to go under the canopy to get into our houses. The houses are Rimu, Kauri, Totara and Rata. Sadly I got injured when it was morning tea and couldn’t play but I still had fun watching the houses play. There were 8 rounds  and some people had 1 or 2 rounds.

I loved watching the tournament and everyone played fairly and had a good time. Thanks coach Trey for being the referee and giving Willietony the $100 from Monopoly. It was funny.

My Digital Footprint by Zenalia

Today we are learning to make a respectful and positive environment digital footprint, we need to stop and take a look of what we are saying in the media. Because we sometimes do not know what we are saying, so make sure that we stop and think about what we are typing in in the media.

If you are not sure ask an adult that it is safe.


Pelicans live in All continents except antarctica. The white pelican lives in Australia near rivers, the sea and on the land.


The pelicans were discovered in 1758.


Pelicans can live for 15 to 25 years.


 It dives down under the water and scoop up the water in its bill. Then they drain the water from the pouch and eat the fish that is left behind.


Pelicans feed their babies by opening their bills and regurgitating food for the babies.

ANZAC Biscuits

Last Thursday the class ate some ANZAC biscuits and we had to describe them. I learned that they were made over a hundred years ago during World War 1, when the women baked them and sent them to the soldiers as a treat. I was surprised that there is still a recipe for ANZAC biscuits. The ingredients were butter, flour, golden syrup, and baking soda. I think some people add coconut in the cookie. When I picked it up the crumbs started to fall, making a mess. I was nervous at first because I thought it was going to taste rough as a rock. When I tasted it the biscuit exploded in my mouth making me want even more. It tasted as sweet as chocolate covered strawberries. For one second I thought I was in heaven. I enjoyed the cookie even though I couldn’t have more than one. I decided when I get home I’m going to ask my mom if she can try baking them.