My Summer Holiday

My summer holiday.

During my summer holiday my family and I went to a place called Red Wood Tree. It was a pretty long drive but when we finally arrived it was kinda worth the wait. The first place we went to in the red wood tree was this so-called Red Wood Tree Walk, My baby brother had to stay in a rusty old stroller because it was the rules to walk up the Red Wood Tree Walk It wasn’t that high in the first place but when we walk farther it got higher and higher. After a While when we were walking I saw these paper lamp things. They were different colors like Pink,white,Blue and yellow. The paper lamps were hanging on the branches. After a while of walking we arrived at some stairs. 


My sister and I started laughing knowing that my Dad and his friend had to carry the old rusty stroller from the staff with my brother on it. Then my Mom said to go without us because they were going the other way.


I was a bit happy because I wouldn’t really have to wait and walk slowly but also a bit sad for some reason. Then my sister yelled when she looked down because she was afraid of heights. I started laughing seeing how scared her face was.


It was really hilarious when we were finally back from the ground and we met our parents again waiting for us. There was also a shop In Red Wood Tree so My Sister My Mom and I went inside. I didn’t really find anything pretty inside after like 5 minutes of staying inside the shop. My Mom finally bought something. After that we took a lot of pictures. It was a bag. The place was fun but also tiring.

Real or Fake?

Today we were learning to be observant when we saw different images. We watched a video about a house hippo and thought about what we already knew about hippos. We asked ourselves “Did this make sense” some of them were tricky like the photo I put up.

We looked at different images and talked about why they were real or fake.

Leave your answer in the comments with the reason why

Mainakalani Film Festival Recommendation

My favorite part of the movie was at the end when the clowns were dancing at the window and also the part where Brittany Snatched Lisa’s wig.

I would recommend the Happiness Infection if you enjoy hilarious movies because the Happiness Infection is hilarious and entertaining.

Our Stone Cottage Visit


On Tuesday morning our class had a visit to the Stone Cottage. I was very excited because I have never seen the inside before and was very interested. We walked our way down the path to lead us to the gate, and we waited for cars to pass so we could cross.

After arriving at the Stone Cottage we were greeted by a lady named Terry and she introduced us to Patrick. Terry started telling us some of the histories as she let us inside.

When we went inside she showed us a tour of the house. The first place we went was the living room and a lady called Josephine was sitting on the sofa. Terry started showing us some portraits of some people in the olden days. She also showed us some embroidery and I thought that the women in the olden days were really talented because it was really pretty and had lots of stitches.

  The next room was the downstairs bedroom. The downstairs bedroom had a crib with two baby dolls. One of them was really old and the other one was not that old. Terry started to tell us some of the things inside the rooms. One thing was used for the men to use as a toilet. It looks like a bowl which the women would clean the next day.

After the downstairs bedroom we went to the kitchen where there was really cool stuff. In the kitchen Terry showed us what they used for washing clothes and it looked interesting because it really doesn’t look like the laundry we have today. The next item were bellows and these are used to push air into the fire to keep it alight and to reach a high enough temperature to make the iron hot enough to use.

The next rooms were upstairs. The stairs are really steep so we had to hold on to the rail. I was kind of scared that I might fall. After we went upstairs we went to the artefacts room which were very interesting. They were cool because they were in perfect condition from the olden days. There was an old computer, a perfume bottle and a really cool crystal.

The next room was the kids’ bedroom and there was a mannequin in it looking out the window. At first I thought it was real until I saw it had no face. There was also a crib next to it and inside there was a baby doll and on the bed there was clothing for sleeping. 

I loved this trip because there were so many things to see and hear about so close to our school. Everyday we go passed that house and we never knew anything about it. Now I can tell my family about it.

My Cycling Experience

On the first day of school this term, I was very happy because we got an opportunity to have cycling lessons. The instructors were Kyla and Kate. We only had one lesson and there were two groups. The less confident people went to Kate’s side and those who knew how to ride when with Kyla. Before we went on our bikes we checked if our bikes were safe or not. We had to guess what  A,B, C, D, Q meant. A is for Air in the tyres, B is for brakes, C is for chain and control, D is for drop and Q is for quick release. After we did all those steps we went onto the court.
Then Kyla said that we were playing ‘Red Light, Green light’ while on our bikes. It was really fun for me. After that game we played a “park our bike” game. After that we played a shrinking box activity and in the end we played this game where you have to have a bean bag on your head and if it falls off you have to come back and get it. This was to teach us to keep our heads up when we ride.
After that we played this game called ” buddy up” when we had to have a partner that was roughly our size. After we  found our partners, Kyla and Kate told us what to do: like partner up, partner down, partner step back, partner under. After we did  the game we all said thank you and goodbye to Kyla and Kate. It was a really fun and memorable day.